domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

"Grey Oceans" e "Ocean Rave" das CocoRosie

"Grey Oceans"

In heaven worm souls flutter
They flutter by with rosaries
Dangling from their necks
German shepherds guide by nightfall
Little kinder dressed in starlight
Inside I feel like
I'm crying besides a tree
I'm watching myself like an old movie on color T.V.
When people whisper in Portuguese 
Its just as mysterious
And the stubble on his face It hurt me when
When we fell onto each other's faces
Dawn retraces heart ached patterns across grey oceans
Windows brighten up the room And one could cast a smooth worn lover's stone
Worn smooth from days of fertile deliberation

"Ocean Rave"

Black diamonds
Voodoo spell
Ocean rave
Like a whale
Swallows you whole
Headless, merciless dictator
Slays the neck of giraffes
She sleeps on pillows of zebra skin
Walking, talking
Blast a pigeon, parrot Portuguese, black icky toe Purple cloud
Dry like painted desert Flower Poison
Her tears are poison
Watch out for the snakes
Watch out for the velvet cross
And the panthers leaping from her spit

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